5T Chairman Kartik Pandian Visits Upcoming Sports Facilities in Rourkela

5T Chairman Kartik Pandian Visits Upcoming Sports Facilities in Rourkela

Bhubaneswar: Chairman of the 5T initiative, Kartik Pandian, along with Nabin Odisha, visited several sports facilities in Rourkela today. Among these was the upcoming Rourkela Gymnastics Academy near the Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, set to be inaugurated shortly by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Sundargarh district boasts abundant sports talent, prompting the state government to invest in high-quality sports infrastructure. Rourkela features the world’s premier hockey stadium, an expansive athletic stadium, indoor swimming pools, and other indoor sports amenities.

The establishment of the Rourkela Gymnastics Academy signals a promising future for gymnastics in the city. Kartik Pandian engaged with the academy’s coaches, emphasizing the installation of top-tier gymnastics equipment and urging them to nurture internationally competitive gymnasts.

Subsequently, Pandian toured the Panposh Sports Hostel, recognized for consistently supplying players from Odisha to national teams. Interactions with coaches and athletes ensued, during which Pandian commended their contributions to Odisha’s prominence in global hockey.

The visit included inspections of hockey and hostel facilities, as well as discussions over breakfast in the dining hall with players regarding hostel amenities, coaching standards, educational opportunities, and dietary provisions. Players expressed gratitude for the support extended by Pandian and Chief Minister Patnaik towards sports development.

 Pandian during the visit was accompanied by Vineel Krishna, Secretary of Sports and Youth Services, the Sundargarh Collector, and other senior officials.