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Bhubaneswar: Surgeons at SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) have successfully treated an infant with severe laryngomalacia, a condition characterized by a congenital softening of the tissues in the larynx.

 The four-month-old child was brought to the hospital by distressed parents due to severe respiratory distress, indicated by chest and neck retractions. Upon arrival, the patient was promptly admitted to the pediatric ICU under the care of Dr. Ajay Kumar Gahan for further assessment.

 The parents reported that the baby had experienced similar episodes of aggravated chest retractions since birth. A flexible bronchoscopy performed by Dr. Radhamadhan Sahu, Senior Consultant and Head of ENT and Skull Base Surgery, confirmed the diagnosis of severe Laryngomalacia. This condition causes floppy tissue above the vocal cords to obstruct the airway during breathing, resulting in noisy breathing, known as stridor.

Due to the baby’s need for oxygen support and the development of pneumonia, a surgical procedure called Supraglottoplasty was recommended by Dr. Sahu and promptly performed. After extensive deliberation, a minimally invasive endoscopic airway surgery was carried out by Dr. Sahu and his team, with anesthesiologist Dr. Sabyasachi Tripathy playing a crucial role. Following the surgery, the baby was closely monitored in the ICU for several days and no longer exhibited respiratory distress. 

The parents expressed their relief as the baby showed signs of recovery and was able to feed normally. Dr. Sahu explained that while Laryngomalacia is mild in approximately 80% of cases, it can be severe in 10 to 20% of cases. Infants with this condition often experience noisy breathing, feeding difficulties, and growth issues, along with chest and neck retractions and episodes of apnea with bluish discoloration around the lips. The surgery was performed at no cost to the family under the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY) scheme, highlighting SUMUM’s commitment to providing essential medical care. Dr. Sahu emphasized that SUMUM has become a leading center for managing various challenging airway diseases.

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