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Pandian savours ‘Pakhala’ alongside distinguished journalist Rahul Kanwal

Pandian savours 'Pakhala' alongside distinguished journalist Rahul Kanwal

Bhubaneswar: Kartik Pandian, a prominent leader of the BJD, recently indulged in a delightful meal of Pakhala alongside senior journalist Rahul Kanwal from India Today TV. Kanwal, who is currently in Odisha for election coverage, joined Pandian for this traditional Odia dish during a break in their busy schedules.

Pandian, amidst his extensive election campaigning in Kalahandi district, took the opportunity to savor the flavors of Odia cuisine. This included relishing pakhala, a dish known for its refreshing taste and cultural significance in the region.

The love for Pakhala extends beyond Pandian to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who is renowned for his fondness for this dish. Patnaik has often been seen enjoying Pakhala with guests from both within and outside the state, who have consistently praised the dish’s unique flavors.

As a dedicated follower of CM Patnaik, Pandian has played a pivotal role in promoting Odia culture and tourism. His decision to share a meal of Pakhala with national journalist Rahul Kanwal not only reflects his personal preference but also underscores his commitment to promoting and popularizing this quintessential Odia delicacy.

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