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Odisha Govt Collaborates With TATA Power To Empower Youth

Odisha Govt Collaborates With TATA Power To Empower Youth

Bhubaneswar: In a notable collaborative endeavor, the Skill Development & Technical Education Department of the Government of Odisha has joined forces with Tata Power to empower the state’s youth. The initiative unfolded in the presence of Smt. Usha Padhee, IAS, Principal Secretary of the SDTE department, at the conference hall, 2nd floor, Kharavel Bhavan today. The primary aim of this partnership is to equip young talent with industry-ready skills through targeted programs, ensuring their preparedness for the evolving demands of the power sector.

During her address, Smt. Padhee reaffirmed the Odisha Government’s commitment to excellence in skill development. She emphasized the crucial role of safety in the training modules and practical sessions for students, aligned with international standards. This approach enhances the employability and credibility of the workforce in the global market. The collaboration with Tata Power marks a significant stride towards producing highly skilled professionals. Shri Reghu G, IAS, Director, DTET, and Shri Sanjay Banga, President T & D, Tata Power, signed and exchanged the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

As part of this initiative, the programs are strategically designed to enhance employability, providing students with improved placement opportunities within the power sector. In the first year, Tata Power plans to launch this program in 20 Government ITIs (5 in each DISCOM), strategically located near the Skill Development Centre. The program will expand to cover additional ITIs in subsequent years. Tata Power, in consultation with the Directorate of Technical Education and Training, Odisha, will develop modules focusing on making students industry-ready, covering essential skills and knowledge required in the power sector.

To provide real-world experience, students will visit DISCOM’s Hands-on Training Centre, gaining insights into executing daily tasks safely and efficiently. Additionally, planned visits to the network control centre, Smart Meter Lab, and 33/11 KV Sub-station will further enhance their understanding of power sector equipment. Senior officers from the department and Tata Power were also present during the program. Beyond enhancing the skills of Odisha’s youth, this initiative is poised to make a significant contribution to the overall development of the power sector in the state.

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