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Left-Side Canal of the Anandpur Barrage will foster Economic development of Farmers: CM Naveen Patnaik

Left-Side Canal of the Anandpur Barrage will foster Economic development of Farmers: CM Naveen Patnaik

Canal will bring smiles on faces of peasants: Badri N Patra

Anandpur: On January 31, 2020, the left-side canal of the Anandpur barrage was officially opened to the public. The experimental release of water into the left side took place on November 4th and 5th, 2023. A significant milestone occurred on December 21, 2023, when the Chief Minister inaugurated the left side canal of the barrage project. The inauguration ceremony was conducted virtually, and the Chief Minister expressed delight, emphasizing the positive impact on farmers’ economic well-being and societal standing through enhanced irrigation.

In 2009, the Chief Minister Naveen Patanik laid the foundation of the integrated barrage project on the Baitarani River in Anandpur, for the benefit of numerous farmers in the Keonjhar, Balasore, and Bhadrak districts. This involved diverting water from the Baitarani River, originating from Gonashika in the Keonjhar district.

Former minister and Ghasipura MLA Badri Narayan Patra joined the program, noting the substantial benefits the canal would bring to farmers in Balasore, Bhadrak, and Keonjhar districts. Patra anticipated joy on the faces of farmers as water reached their cultivated lands via the Anandpur barrage’s left-side canal.

Patra asserted that the Chief Minister’s historic initiative would be remembered for generations. Anandpur MLA Bhagirathi Sethi commended the Chief Minister and conveyed gratitude on behalf of the participants. Farmers Rangadhar Behera and Saraswati Sethi from Padmapur and Bauansagada shared their firsthand experiences of the canal’s benefits before the Chief Minister.

Residents of Anandpur subdivision expressed satisfaction that the project was completed under the direct supervision of Mr. Abinash Raul, Chief Construction Engineer of the Anandpur Barrage division. Mr. Raul efficiently oversaw the completion of the left-side canal program. The program also involved the coordination of barrage superintending engineer Snehasish Behera, Sub Collector Chittaranjan Mahanta, and other engineers.

Senior officials Sudshanshu Bhushan Jena, Ratnakar Barik, and Nihar Ranjan Das facilitated the program’s success. District Collector and Magistrate Ashish Thackeray and chief construction engineer Abinash Raul played pivotal roles in the accomplishment of the programme.

The event was well-managed with disciplined conduct under the supervision of District Biju Janata Dal Youth (BJJ) president Rakesh Ram (BAPI). Notable attendees included Hatadihi Block Vice President Ratikant Raut, additional chief engineer Babulal Behera, PD Vishnu Pada Acharya, SDPO Prashant Kumar Behera, and other senior government officials.

The irrigation project is expected to benefit 39 hectares in Ghasipura, 2000 hectares in Hatadihi, and 1410 hectares in the Anandpur block of Keonjhar district. Additionally, 10705 hectares of agricultural land in Khaira, 5933 hectares in Oupada, 10606 hectares in Soro, 15993 hectares in Bahanga, 635 hectares in Nilgiri, 5539 hectares in Remuna, and 7200 hectares in the Balasore block of Balasore district will have irrigation facilities through the canal, as highlighted by CCE Abinash Raul.

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