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ITC’s Sunfeast Marie Light Connects Diverse Cultural Heritage In Baliyatra

ITC’s Sunfeast Marie Light Connects Diverse Cultural Heritage In Baliyatra

Cuttack: ITC’s Sunfeast Marie Light is once again making meaningful connections with the people of Odisha through its participation in the renowned Bali Yatra Festival this year.This distinctive initiative reflects the brand’s dedication to honoring and highlighting the diverse cultural heritage of Odisha.

Throughout the duration of the Bali Yatra festivities, the residents of Odisha come together to commemorate their ancestral cultural roots and maritime legacy along the picturesque riverbanks of Mahanadi. In line with the spirit of Bali Yatra, the brand has erected an experiential zone shaped like a boat, featuring planned activities for attendees. Within the Sunfeast Marie Light experience zone, visitors can engage in an exclusive rowing game, vying against each other for the chance to win exciting prizes. Additionally, the brand encourages participants to craft and set afloat “boitas” in the river, symbolizing Sunfeast Marie Light’s connection to the traditional Boita Bandana ritual performed during the Bali Yatra.

This interactive activation by Sunfeast Marie Light seeks to forge a deeper bond with the people of Odisha while reveling in the state’s rich cultural tapestry. The brand’s unwavering commitment to cultural resonance and community involvement is unmistakable in its endeavors to seamlessly integrate into the Bali Yatra experience.

Addressing the significance of this occasion, Mr. Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer of the Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, Foods Division at ITC Ltd., expressed, “Sunfeast, as a brand, aspires to establish emotional connections with consumers. The culture and traditions of Odisha hold a special place in our hearts, and Bali Yatra provides us with the perfect platform to celebrate and showcase the cultural opulence of this vibrant state.”

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