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BSKY Turns Saviour, Sneha (14) Gets A New Lease of Life

BSKY Turns Saviour, Sneha (14) Gets A New Lease of Life

Bhubaneswar: BSKY (Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojna) has emerged as a lifeline for the underprivileged and vulnerable population, extending specialized clinical care to those in need, both within and beyond the borders of Odisha. A testament to its impact is the story of Miss Divya Seth from Ambapalli village in Bargarh district.

Divya recounts the challenging journey her sister, Sneha Seth (14 years old), underwent in battling blood cancer over the past year. Despite seeking treatment in various hospitals, it was only through a fellow patient who received complimentary care at the Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Vishakhapatnam via the BSKY card that Divya learned about this facility. Acting on this information, they approached the hospital, where BSKY officials played a pivotal role in facilitating their admission.

The hospital’s medical team conducted all necessary tests, provided treatment, and even performed a bone marrow transplant—all at no cost. Today, Sneha has recovered, and Divya expresses gratitude to Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik for the BSKY Card and acknowledges the exceptional care provided by the doctors at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital.

Sneha’s case is not isolated; the data reveals a remarkable trend. From January to October of the current year, approximately 10.51 individuals have received complimentary super-specialized treatment in private sector hospitals through BSKY, marking a notable growth rate of around 219 percent compared to the previous year. This unique initiative by the state government has undeniably brought about a discernible transformation in the healthcare landscape of Odisha.

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