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Bank Of Baroda introduces Current Account Package featuring 7 distinct products 

Bank Of Baroda introduces Current Account Package featuring 7 distinct products 

Bank of Baroda:  Bank of Baroda , one of India’s foremost public sector banks, has introduced a comprehensive Current Account Package featuring seven distinct Current Account products. Each product has been meticulously tailored to address the specific banking needs of various business segments, empowering customers and bolstering their enterprises. The unveiling of this new Current Account package took place at the Bank’s Corporate Office, with Shri Debadatta Chand, the MD & CEO, leading the event alongside the Bank’s Executive Directors, CVO, and Ms. Shafali Verma, the Indian Cricketer and Brand Endorser for the Bank.

The newly launched bob Current Accounts include: bob Lite (targeting individuals, sole proprietorships, and small businesses), bob Women Power (designed for women entrepreneurs), bob Smart (catering to businesses primarily engaged in digital transactions), bob Gold (serving medium-sized businesses), and bob Platinum, bob Rhodium, and bob Diamond (tailored for large businesses with extensive transactional needs).

These accounts offer a range of features and value-added services based on the selected account type, such as increased cash deposit limits, complimentary Sound box with QR code and POS machine (with no monthly rental charges), bundled collateral-free overdraft facilities, customized Baroda Cash Management Services for higher-tier accounts, and reduced monthly average balance requirements.

Shri Debadatta Chand, Managing Director & CEO of Bank of Baroda, remarked, “Acknowledging the evolving banking requirements of diverse businesses on their growth path, Bank of Baroda is proud to introduce a suite of innovative current accounts packed with features and benefits aimed at enhancing banking experiences for our customers. Through thorough customer analysis and product segmentation, we have launched a range of distinctive products catering to various business segments, thus supporting our customers’ growth aspirations.”

“These meticulously crafted current account products are designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and individuals, providing exceptional value and positioning Bank of Baroda as the preferred banking partner for those seeking innovative and tailored financial solutions. Furthermore, these initiatives contribute to the growth of our low-cost deposits and expansion of market share,” Shri Chand added.

Additionally, current account holders can enjoy benefits like a lifetime free corporate credit card (subject to eligibility), discounted processing charges on retail loans (including home, auto, education, and mortgage loans), and discounted demat account facilities. Concurrently, Bank of Baroda has revamped its existing current account products – bob Advantage, bob Premium, and bob Supreme – making them more competitive and appealing to customers.

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