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Amrit Bharat Express inaugurated

Amrit Bharat Express inaugurated

Berhampur: The Amrit Bharat Express Train , connecting Malda Town and SMVT (Bengaluru), was virtually inaugurated at Ayodhya (UP) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as per the schedule. Subsequently, the train passed through Berhampur station at 10 AM on Sunday. Local leaders from various political parties, along with Berhampur MP Chandra Shekhar Sahu and MLA Bikram Kumar Panda, participated in the Virtual Inauguration of the AMRIT BHARAT EXPRESS TRAIN by Prime Minister Modi.

Railway officials emphasized that these trains are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a seamless journey without any discomfort for passengers. The Amrit Bharat trains feature semi-coupler technology, an innovative approach in train operations, providing a smooth journey at a maximum speed of 130 km. This technology effectively eliminates the jerking effect when the train starts or stops by joining two coaches in a way that mitigates such disturbances.

The circular further highlighted distinctive features of Amrit Bharat trains, utilizing Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches with a push-pull setup. These features include horizontal sliding windows, semi-permanent couplers linking coaches, wider gangways sealed against dust, aerosol-based fire suppression systems in toilets and electrical sections, emergency disaster management lights, fluorescent guide strips on the floor, bench-style design for certain coaches, and segregation of reserved and unreserved sections using sliding doors.

Amrit Bharat Express Trains are equipped with “Kavach,” an indigenous technology supporting locomotive pilots in preventing Signal Passing At Danger (SPAD) instances and managing operations during challenging weather conditions. Officials assured a seamless journey experience with no abrupt movements along the train’s route. The semi-permanent couplers play a crucial role in ensuring efficient brake operations, contributing to a smooth travel experience without sudden jerks.

Dignitaries present at the auspicious function expressed their expectations for a direct connection to Northern cities such as New Delhi, Ayodhya, Jaipur (Rajasthan), and all other states from Berhampur Railway Station.

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