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Aditya Alumina Unveils “Nirogshala” (Village Health Dispensary) In Kansariguda Area

Aditya Alumina Unveils “Nirogshala” (Village Health Dispensary) In Kansariguda Area

Rayagada: In line with its dedication to improving healthcare accessibility and fostering community well-being, Aditya Alumina, a greenfield refinery under Hindalco Industries Limited of the Aditya Birla Group, inaugurated the Nirogshala village health dispensary in the Kansariguda area on December 21, 2023.

The inauguration ceremony was led by Mr. Mazhar Beig, Unit Head & President of Aditya Alumina & Utkal Alumina, in the presence of the local village community. The newly established health facility is designed to offer round-the-clock primary healthcare services to the community within their locality.

During the event, Mr. Mazhar Beig expressed, “The Nirogshala exemplifies our commitment to the community in the healthcare domain.An ambulance will be associated with Nirogshala, dedicated to addressing the health emergencies of the local community.

Depending on the severity of cases, patients can be transferred to our Oshapada Hospital for further treatment.”

He further stated, “This marks the initiation of our commitment to community development. Moving forward, Aditya Alumina will actively engage in diverse CSR initiatives encompassing healthcare, education, livelihood, and village infrastructure to contribute to the socio-economic development of the community.”

The event drew the attendance of over 500 villagers who appreciated Aditya Alumina’s commendable efforts in support of this noble cause.

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